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Best Dice Board Game: The 8 Best Dice Games to Play Now!

There are some great dice games out there, but which is the best dice game? It depends what you’re looking for. There is a good dice game for families, a dice game to play alone, and some great dice games to play when you’re travelling.

This board games list is about the top dice board games available today. From a survey of top board games enthusiasts, here are the top dice board games,

Best Dice Board Game: The 8 Best Dice Games to Play Now!

1. King of Tokyo – IELLO

King of Tokyo is a real knock’em n’ sock’em brawl. Combat is all about ganging up. The one monster in Tokyo hurts all the others at once — and every monster outside of Tokyo attacks only the monster inside. With the constant moving of players’ monsters in and out of Tokyo — that is, in and out of the center of the brawl — there’s a great King of the Hill experience going on.

2. Escape – Queen Games

They are so many reasons to recommend this board game. The game has a 10 minute time limit which has it’s own benefits. It takes no time to setup. Manic action in a co-op game that a child can actually play and an adult will actually enjoy. When you lose, and you will a lot, you share the defeat as a group which takes the sting out, especially for small children, or adults who behave like small children.

3. Quarriors Dice Building Board Game – WizKids

Quarriors is essentially a deck building game with dice. It’s largely based on luck, as you might expect from a dice rolling game, but there is enough strategy involved to make it fun.

4. Can’t Stop – Gryphon Games

The game is easy to learn and helps younger players with addition and logic. The game play works well for a mix of adults and gradeschool or older children. A fun board game that doesn’t take all night to play.

5. Pirates of the Caribbean Pirates Dice: A Game of High Seas Deception – USAopoly

This game is a great family board game! You have to try to find a way to lie without being noticed. It might be just a dice game, but it’s more original than any other dice games.

6. Perudo – Pressman Toy

This is a great dice game, which some people might remember seeing a variation of in the the second “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie. Each player rolls the dice in their cup, then turns their cup upside down with the dice still inside. They then take turns bidding on how many dice they think are showing a certain number.

7. Martian Dice Game – Tasty Minstrel Games

Martian Dice is light, filler/family style dice game for two or more players. In the dice game, you take on the role of alien scientists who have come to earth to capture various kinds of earthlings as a means of learning more about life on this planet. If you succeed in capturing the greatest number and variety of earthlings, you’ll be the winner! But it turns out that abducting humans, cows, and chickens is not as easy as it looks!

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