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8 Best Board Games Of All Time

How can we find out what the best board games of all time are?

Well, to make it onto this list, the game would have had to pass the test of time. Most board games come and go, last a season or two and they disappear. To make it on the best board games of all time list, a game would have to have sustained sales and international popularity over a long period of time.

The board games on this list are the best. They have been around for decades, have sold millions around the world and continue to entertain people to this day.

8 Best Board Games Of All Time

1. Monopoly

monopoly Best board games


2. Scrabble

scrabble Best board games


3. Chess


chess Best board games


4. Risk

risk Best board games


5. Battleship

battleship best board games


6. Checkers

checkers best board games


7. Trivial Pursuit

trivial pursuit best board games


8. Backgammon

backgammon best board games


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