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Monopoly: 8 Simple Strategies To Destroy Your Monopoly Opponents Into Oblivion

How To Win At Monopoly

Like many board games, Monopoly is a game of skill and chance. Whenever there is chance involved, we can use math to break it down and improve our odds.

At Board Games Messiah, we like to give. Giving is the best form of kindness and we are a giving kind of website. So below, we’ve compiled a set of strategies with a proven track record to help you win statistically more at Monopoly, and with the holiday season coming up, you should have plenty of opportunity to apply these strategies.

8 Simple Strategies To Destroy Your Monopoly Opponents Into Oblivion

1. Forget All Relationships

This is a game of Monopoly. You need to forget any friendships and solely focus on winning. Its harsh but you’re the one wanting to win aren’t you? You won’t win by being the nice guy, trust me.

monopoly railroad2. Buy All Railroads

Railroads rock. Buy them as fast as you can and acquire them all. They are statistically the most landed on parts of the board and taking into account your initial investment, they give you a massive rate of return.

3. Focus On Color Groups

At the beginning of the game, focus on acquiring a color group. Specifically the Orange, Violet and Red Groups (In that order). As soon as you get a full set, build three houses on them only. Hotels are for suckers.

4. Buy Strays

Usually, people tell you not to buy stray properties but they’re wrong. If your opponent owns all but one property to complete a set and you land on it, logic would tell you to buy that stray as fast as you can. This gives you a lot of negotiation clout in the game.

monopoly jail5. Jail Is Good

If your opponent owns a Monopoly, you’re best off staying in jail and rolling the dice 3 times before coming out. Moving around the board is only going to cost you money. As the beginning of the game, get out of jail as soon as possible by paying the fine. You did the crime, pay the fine and get out and back into the action.

6. Forget Utilities And The Purples

Statistically, they are useless and a waste of your cash. The only exception to this is if they become available at an auction and you can get a good discounted price on them, otherwise, avoid them.

7. Negotiate Everything

Just like in business, you can get what you can persuade people to give you. Whether its a discount on rent or an exchange of a property you need to complete a Monopoly, everything is up for grabs if you use the gift of the gab. Another bonus tip, its ok to lie IF you’re never going to play these people again.#

8. Go Full Rain Man

There is a ton of research on this subject and if statistics and long rows of numbers are your thing, check this study on the Probabilities of Monopoly as well as reading the rules thoroughly.

Disclaimer: Many relationships have been ruined because of Monopoly. Don’t let it happen to you. One strategy to end all tension after a heated game is to high five everyone involved, and if that doesn’t work, give them a big bear hug and don’t let go until they forgive you for being the fat cat Monopoly king that you were. Deep down though, you know you were the best and you wouldn’t hesitate to do it all again.

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