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Best Board Games, Board Games Based on Movies

5 Best Board Games Based on Movies

There are many excellent board games based on books, which we featured previously on BoardgamesMessiah. This list is about the best board games that are based on good movies. A board game doesn’t simply make it on this list because its based on a movie. This board games list is called the Best Board Games Based on Movies, so the game has to have great game play and be enjoyable.

We use different metrics to decide which board games are the best. As well as looking at online retailer reviews such as Amazon, we also consult in online board games forums, where fans such as yourself discuss all things related to board games. This way we can be sure we only recommend the best board games.

5 Best Board Games Based on Movies

1. Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building Game – Upper Deck

Legendary Encounters is a deck building game that uses cards and a game mat to create exciting playable scenarios for 1 to 5 players. While the heart of the game uses two relatively simple mechanics, Encounters is also complex – there are numerous special rules to pick up, and some options allow players to actually battle each-other. It is a standalone game, meaning everything you need to play comes in the box.

2. Star Wars – Imperial Assault – Fantasy Flight Games

Star Wars: Imperial Assault is a tabletop game for 2 to 5 players set in the sci-fi/space fantasy Star Wars universe. The contents of this box are based on the time period just after Episode 4 (A New Hope). Whether you play it as a board game or a miniature combat game, Star Wars fans will find themselves enjoying the experience.

3. Star Trek Catan Board Game – Mayfair Games

The basic game is a competition of resource acquisition and management. In Star Trek Catan, players must build colonies around resource producing planets in the hopes that fate will provide them with the tools they need to build and expand their interplanetary trade routes in the hopes of being the first player to reach the minimum number of Victory Points.

4. Beowulf: The Movie Board Game – Fantasy Flight Games

The approach to success in this board game is to take the classic tale’s worth at face value, literally as each player strives to tell the most epic version of the Beowulf saga to win. Not to worry yee who failed Public Speaking 101; the game’s definition of “telling” has more to do with mathematical formula than it does speaking verbally.

5. The Battle of Five Armies – Ares Games

In this board game, one player takes on the role of the free peoples and the other the shadow armies. The victory conditions are a bit more detailed than this but essentially the free peoples are much more focused on defending areas of the board while the shadow armies’ play style is more about aggression and conquering as many of the free peoples’ cities as quickly as possible. The longer the game lasts the more powerful the free peoples get and if it lasts too long the free peoples outright win.

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