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Best Board Games: 8 Most Top Rated Board Games of 2015

With the thousands of board games released each year, and the many classic and popular board games, its hard to decide which board game to choose. Board games Messiah is here to help. We’ve compiled a list of the top board games based on user ratings on With the hundreds of thousands of board games they sell on a monthly basis, Amazon reviews and ratings are highly reliable and unbiased. These are arguably the best board games right now.

The most popular and top rated board games of 2015, from Board games Messiah.

Best Board Games: 10 Most Top Rated Board Games of 2015

1. Telestrations 12 Player – Party Pack – USAopoly

This game is super easy and fun! Plus it is hilarious! Anyone can pick it up and it’s great for all ages. Kids can play and then grown ups can play by themselves later. Non stop laughs.

2. Peaceable Kingdom / Race to the Treasure! – Peaceable Kingdom

The object of the game is to get to the treasure before the Ogre does, by of course working together. So 2-4 players work together choosing which way to put their Path Cards which guide them towards the three keys they need to earn. While they are playing though if they pick up on Ogre card instead of a Path Card then the Ogre gets one spot closer to the treasure.

3. Dominion: Prosperity – Rio Grande Games

Dominion: Prosperity is an absolutely stunning addition to the Dominion card game series. Prosperity not only adds incredibly interesting new cards and strategies, but this expansion revitalizes the original Dominion set, the game we all know and love. A decent number of the original Dominion kingdom cards have added purpose and strategic value.

4. Bohnanza – Rio Grande Games

Bohnanza is a brilliant board game. It’s social. It works well with anywhere from 3 to 7 players. It works for all ages, and is fun for dedicated gamers and normal folk alike. Simply put, this is one of the best all-around games out there.

5. ThinkFun Rush Hour – Think Fun

Ever stuck in gridlock? Think you know the easiest way out? Then you are ready to take the challenge of Binary Arts’ Rush Hour Game. Beware escaping gridlock is not as easy at it seems.
The directions are simple; setup the game board using the forty game cards, arranged from beginners’ skill level to the expert. Move the cars and trucks out of the way and get you red car off the board.

6. Ravensburger LabyrinthRavensburger

This strategy game is one of the best birthday presents my children ever got. You can play once or several times, and never grow tired of the game, as each set of mazes is different than the last.

7. Ticket To Ride – Days of Wonder

Ticket To Ride is a fantastic medium-weight game – one that plays equally well with two to five players. The components are superb, the artwork is great, the game is downright fun

8. King of Tokyo – IELLO

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King of Tokyo is a real knock’em n’ sock’em brawl. Combat is all about ganging up. The one monster in Tokyo hurts all the others at once — and every monster outside of Tokyo attacks only the monster inside. With the constant moving of players’ monsters in and out of Tokyo — that is, in and out of the center of the brawl — there’s a great King of the Hill experience going on.

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