Scrabble Diamond Anniversary Edition Board Game
Scrabble Diamond Anniversary Edition Board Game

Scrabble Diamond Anniversary Edition Board Game


  • The raised-grid style of the board guarantees that your words won’t slip or slide out of place
  • Organize your tiles on a curved tile rack that provides an optimum view of each letter
  • Store the game pieces in two built-in side trays
  • All new colors and a rotating game board with recessed spaces

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Product Description

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Sixty has never looked so good! This Diamond Anniversary Edition Scrabble features sleek black and silver tiles, a rotating board splashed with color, curved letter racks of smoky red plastic, and much more. With two built-in side trays for storing game pieces and a raised grid that keeps your letters in place, this anniversary edition of Scrabble will please all players ages eight and above.

Expert Tips and Fascinating History
If you’ve never played Scrabble before, the Gameplay Guide explains the rules in a clear, easy-to-read way. It also has lots of tips to sharpen your game (a list of “q-without-u” words, for example). The sturdy plastic board needs no assembly and the storage trays cleverly built into the bottom of the board are easy to find, especially with help from the Gameplay Guide. The game also comes with a Gameplay Guide that offers many helpful hints, as well as interesting historical tidbits (For example, did you know the game used to be called “Criss Cross Words?”)

A Sleek New Look for Scrabble
The black-and-silver tiles, the smoky red racks, and the velvety tile pouch give this Scrabble set a touch of class. The curvature of the racks help you to see your letters more easily than you could on the old, straight racks. During gameplay, the raised grid will help keep your tiles firmly in place, even when the board spins towards another player. The pouch helps keep all the letters and racks together during play. Put them in the storage trays when you’re done, fold the board back up — and voila — you have a carrying case that makes this deluxe Scrabble game easy to take with you.

Fun and Functional
We really liked the look of this colorful board, with its cheerful blue, green, red, and orange “premium” squares. We also appreciated the way the set folds up into a carrying case, complete with the storage trays and handle. It’s not advertised as a travel set, but you can use it that way. You just have to be careful to hold the set closed when transporting it, since it doesn’t snap shut. Also, the storage trays can get a little full when you try to put all the letters and racks in one tray, so make sure you tuck everything neatly into the tray so it will close.

Millions of people around the world love the game of Scrabble, and we’re sure they’ll be just as happy as we are to see this new, improved edition with features that make it both more fun and more functional!

What’s in the Box
Scrabble board with two built-in storage trays, 100 letter tiles, tile pouch, four racks, and gameplay guide.

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